Kishoge Community College COVID Awareness Campaign – Q&A with Dr. Matt O’Toole 

Aaron Kenny, Michael Forrestal and Maeve Ward, teachers at Kishoge Community College, recently organised a Q&A session with Dr. Matt O’Toole, head of the GP Doctors Union and a key public figure involved in the fight against COVID in Ireland.  

They asked a number of questions collected from staff, students, and parents under the subheadings:  

  • general COVID information; 
  • mask wearing; 
  • hand sanitizing; 
  • other precautions and; 
  • additional COVID information.  

The Q&A proved very effective in providing students with more information about COVID and answered a lot of their questions about the new COVID restrictions and the significance of masks.  

Dr. Matt O’Toole has been interviewed on Ireland AM twice and has his own segment on NewsTalk Radio every Thursday.  

 “We believe important COVID messages coming from someone as highly regarded as Matt may encourage the students to listen and take on board the advice given more effectively.” 

 Aaron Kenny 

 The Q&A has been split up into 3 separate videos, links below.  

They have also created a full lesson which has the videos installed (and even a full length ‘offline’ version of the entire Q&A), with AFL activities and homework to encourage schools to utilise the videos and the key information. This is available from the Kishoge CC website here and the Educate Together resource bank here.