Educate Together is about inclusion and diversity, but then also about innovation and best practice, and bringing all those things together at the same time is really powerful.”

Darren Ryan, CEO of Social Entrepreneurs Ireland and former Educate Together student

Corporate partnerships

Educate Together’s work is supported by a number of mutually beneficial corporate partnerships, enabling Educate Together to access technology, expertise, core services and funding support. At the moment, Educate Together is currently partnered with, Folens, Brady Insurance, and Science Gallery Dublin.

Educate Together was awarded a million dollar grant by, the philanthropic arm of Salesforce, in 2018-19. The grant, which is’s largest European grant to date, has been awarded to the Educate Together national office on the basis of the equality-based school movement’s continued commitment to student engagement, community involvement, and equality of access at school.

Educate Together also featured as The Ireland Funds charity partner at their 2019 New York Gala and was warmly endorsed by Saoirse Ronan on the night.

If your organisation shares our vision and is looking for a way to make a tangible impact on Irish education, why not get in touch to explore partnership opportunities with Educate Together?

Company matching is also a great way a corporate organisation can support the work of a charity. This is where organisations financially top up or match the amount raised by their employees. Our fundraising team can be reached on 01 429 2500 or

Philanthropic and other funding bodies

Educate Together has an outstanding track record in maximising return on fundraised investment. Major philanthropic and other funding bodies have trusted us to put their funds to good use, and we have delivered. Here are just a few of our major partners over the years:

  • Atlantic Philanthropies – Funded the initial establishment of a national office for Educate Together for the first time in 2004, and enabled the development and publication of Learn Together, our acclaimed primary Ethical Education curriculum.
  • One Foundation – Funded a five-year growth plan (2009 – 2014) which doubled access to Educate Together schools, opened the doors of our first second-level schools, and enabled the development of teacher education and other supports, providing much-needed services and setting the organisation firmly on the path to financial self-sustainability.
  • European Integration Fund – Supported the development of Educate Together’s unique Ethical Education curriculum framework for older children, ensuring the inclusion of young people and minorities in the process (2013 – 2014).
  • Department of Education and Skills – Trusts Educate Together to manage a growing network of state-funded schools, and provides around €300,000 per year in direct grant funding towards the establishment and support of these schools.
  • Department of Housing, Planning, Community and Local Government – Supports our New Schools work through the Scheme to Support National Organisations in the community and voluntary sector, enabling us to advocate for those who cannot yet access equality-based schools.
  • European Commission – Awarded Educate Together a €200,000 grant in 2016 to manage an international project to develop multi-lingual resources in Ethical Education with educationalists in Italy, Croatia and Slovenia.