Educate Together’s StudentMeet has been a key part of Educate Together’s Ethical Education Conferences since 2016. Students are provided with a forum to speak about and share the creative initiatives they have introduced into their schools with their peers from other Educate Together schools. The whole concept is based on a TeachMeet, where teachers present in short, snappy segments on classroom approaches and resources, with the entire session interspersed with games and raffles.

In keeping with Educate Together’s commitment to empowering student voices, the StudentMeet is very much student-led, with a group from one of our schools running the event and presentations and contributions from groups of students from other schools. For example, at 2018 StudentMeet, the Student Council from Dalkey School Project ran the show, and among the amazing presentations were:

  • A poignant and passionate presentation on the need to take action against Climate Change by students from Celbridge ETSS
  • A presentation by students in Stepaside ETSS who introduced the audience to an innovative structure they had designed to attract bees
  • A presentation by students from in Griffith Barracks MDS on their Student Dáil and how democracy works within their school.

Keep an eye on our events page for updates on upcoming StudentMeets!