Educate Together teachers bring the curriculum to life by encouraging children to think, question and engage both with their teacher and each other. Just as more and more families want their children to be educated in an atmosphere of equality, more and more teachers are choosing Educate Together because they want to work in an environment that guarantees and promotes equality.

What’s it like to teach in an equality-based school?

In Educate Together’s equality-based schools, respect is at the core of pupil teacher relationships. Our teachers make a special effort to teach children to question the world around them and to express their own opinions. Read about what it’s like to teach in an Educate Together school here


As the Educate Together school network grows steadily, employment opportunities for mainstream, resource teachers and special needs assistants will become available. Details of these opportunities are available on www.educationposts.ie, and positions within the national office or for leadership roles within our network are available on our careers page. Educate Together also operates its own panel for teacher recruitment for primary schools.

Support and resources for teachers

The Educate Together national office helps to further develop the knowledge, skills, practice and confidence of teachers around Ethical Education in Educate Together schools, actively supported by resources from within the organisation, and with engagement from other educational stakeholders and partners:

  • Educate Together runs events each year where teachers can share and develop best practice in Ethical Education, such as Ethical Education events and TeachMeets.
  • Educate Together provides online training modules for teachers in the Learn Together and Ethical Education Curriculums.
  • The national office provides extensive online resource banks for teachers in primary and post-primary Educate Together schools. The Learn Together Resource Bank for primary schools has been active for a number of years with hundreds of teachers accessing it each month. The bank includes downloadable lessons as well as books, websites and lesson ideas. A second-level Ethical Education Resource Bank with similar resources is also available. They are hosted on are available on learning.educatetogether.ie.
  • Educate Together publishes its Ethical Education Matters Newsletter every term. This is an invaluable source of up-to-date information on a range of issues of interest to principals, teachers and boards of management.