Board Training

In conjunction with the Department of Education and Skills, Educate Together offers training and support to Boards of Management, helping schools maintain high levels of leadership and governance. The national office provides both face-to-face training sessions normally held in Education Centres and webinars which can be accessed online.

Training is provided in the following areas:

  • The Board as a Corporate Entity
  • Data Protection
  • Child Protection Guidelines
  • Finance
  • Legal Issues
  • Anti-bullying Procedures
  • Recruitment and Appointment

Upcoming training opportunities are posted in Education and Support Newsletter each term, and reminders are also sent out to Chairpersons and Principals.

Online support groups

The national office moderates two closed email groups, one for Chairpersons and one for Treasurers of Boards of Management. The online groups provide a private space for discussion, sharing of ideas and solutions to issues and general networking opportunities. If you would like to be part of either of these email groups, please email