Primary Schools

Educate Together has over 45 years experience of providing a unique, inclusive and equality-based school ethos at primary level. The Educate Together model is founded on a legal commitment to parents, staff and children to run schools based on equality and respect. The core principles of Educate Together’s primary schools are:


There may be an opportunity for your school to move from its current religious patronage to Educate Together patronage. Educate Together has more than 45 years experience of opening, transferring and supporting equality-based schools. The government has recently reaffirmed its commitment to carry out a nationwide survey of parents regarding education and school patronage. We are hopeful that this will help Educate Together to identify schools where parents exhibit a strong interest in transitioning to equality-based model of education. Read more here

Educate Together primary schools are:  

Equality-Based: All children have equal access to the school and no one religion or worldview is given priority over another within the school. This applies to both enrolment and school life.

Child-Centred: Our child-centred approach means that we put children at the heart of all policies and practices and involve them in decision-making where appropriate.

Democratically Run: We run schools on a democratic basis, encouraging active participation by parents and students in the daily life of the school whilst positively affirming the professional role of the teachers.

Co-Educational: All children are encouraged to explore their full range of abilities and are provided with equal opportunities regardless of their gender or identity.

Did you know?

Welcoming all children

We welcome all children. No child will ever be asked their religion as part of the enrolment process. While in school, no child will be separated or treated differently in any way due to their religious or philosophical beliefs.


Celebrating differences
Educate Together’s commitment to equality at school continues after enrolment. There is no faith formation / instruction in any religion during the school day. Pupils are free to be themselves. They are exposed to different beliefs and perspectives in a respectful way that encourages critical thinking.



Gender equality
Educate Together has always recognised and celebrated the diverse nature of family. Our schools develop programmes to counter gender stereotyping in all its forms and are proactive in promoting an approach to learning that encourages and supports a wide range of talents among students irrespective of gender.

Student, parental and community involvement

Community involvement
Parental involvement in Educate Together schools can encompass all aspects of school life from formal structures like the Board of Management and Parent Teacher Associations through to more hands-on voluntary roles within the school. Educate Together schools aspire towards affirming pupil voices. Debate and discussion are nurtured. Student councils are elected by pupils within the school and these councils are encouraged to contribute to school life and the wider school community.

Supporting children
Our teachers bring the curriculum to life by encouraging children to think, question and engage both with their teacher and each other. Reflection and mindfulness are key components of the school year. Children don’t wear uniforms. This child-centred approach empowers the individuality of the students while respecting their identities.

Ethical Education

Our Learn Together Ethical Education curriculum is taught alongside the National Curriculum in our primary schools. Learn Together includes learning about morality and spirituality; equality and justice; belief systems and an ethical approach to the environment. Learn Together teaches children about different belief systems as well as atheism, agnosticism and humanism, without promoting any one worldview over another.