Educate Together’s Scientists of Tomorrow!

Eager young scientists from five Educate Together National Schools are exhibiting their projects this weekend at the RDS Primary Science Fair. Although Educate Together pupils make up just 2% of the overall primary school population in Ireland, their work is regularly selected for inclusion. This year 8% of the projects chosen for inclusion at the fair are from Educate Together schools. The schools in question included Castleknock, Balbriggan, Griffeen Valley, Waterford and North Kildare Educate Together National Schools. With projects ranging in topic from school cleanliness to green motors, all eight projects display the range of scientific endeavours undertaken by young inquiring minds nationwide. Today (Jan 14th) Educate Together CEO Paul Rowe visited the exhibition to find out more about the projects exhibited by pupils from Griffeen Valley ('Six Degrees of Separation') and Waterford ("Magic in the Mountains')

Video: Pupils from Griffeen Valley ETNS talking about their RDS Primary Science Project

Video: Pupils from Waterford Educate Together NS talking about their project 'Magic in the Mountains'

Educate Together’s CEO Paul Rowe said, ‘I would like to congratulate every Educate Together pupil, teacher and parent involved in working on these very impressive scientific investigations. Today’s school pupils will be members of the knowledge economy of tomorrow and I’m delighted to see Educate Together schools at the forefront of this movement”. Commenting on Waterford Educate Together’s involvement with the RDS Primary Science Fair, teacher Katie Ryan said ‘The fair is one of the highlights of the year at our school. Every sixth class student has an opportunity to take part and indeed researching and developing a project is something that all students look forward to as they progress through their school years. Taking part in the fair annually is something that is eagerly supported and driven by the entire school community, most especially by our dedicated parents.’ The RDS Junior Science fair is running as part of the BT Young Scientists and Technology Exhibition today and tomorrow (14th and 15th of January 2011). Why not come along to meet the scientists of the future?