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Board of Directors

Educate Together's Board of Directors are nominated by the organisation's membership. Members can also be co-opted by the Board and ratified at the next Annual General Meeting. They all serve in a voluntary capacity. 

Diarmaid Mac Aonghusa


Diarmaid has been a member of the Educate Together Board since 2009, becoming Chairperson in 2011. He was nominated to the Board by the Dalkey School Project, where his children are pupils. Diarmaid is Managing Director of web development specialists, Fusio Ltd.

Richard Bourke

Vice Chairperson

Richard Bourke is a Barrister and Attorney by profession and has served on the Educate Together Board of Directors since 2010.

Meena Baskarasubramanian

Meena has been chairperson of the Board of Management of Adamstown Castle ETNS since 2007. She was involved in the Educate Together second-level campaign and is an activist with Migrant Rights Centre Ireland. She has been on the Board of Directors of MRCI and was also part of the National Advisory Committee of the Pathways to Parental Leadership project led by the Immigrant Council of Ireland. Meena has been a member of the Educate Together Board since 2014. 

Simon Bradshaw

Simon Bradshaw was nominated to the Educate Together Board in 2011 by Dalkey School Project where his children attend school. Simon is a keen environmentalist and promotes eMobility as the electric vehicle ambassador to Ireland. He is the Managing Director of Assist Garments Ltd, that design clothing for patient in-bed mobility for the elderly and infirm. 

Marie Gordon

Marie Gordon has worked in the Educate Together sector since 1995. Marie is currently heading up the new Ballinteer Educate Together NS in Dublin 16. In collaboration with a democratic school community and a Board of Management committed to the ethos of Educate Together, she is working to advance the progress of the construction of the new school building and an Educate Together second-level school which will be the first in south county Dublin.

Jennifer Cummins

Jennifer Cummins has been involved with Griffith Barracks Multi Denominational School since 2008. She currently works as the Co-ordinator of Whitehall School Completion Programme which aims to increase the educational attainment of at-risk students through increased attendance, participation and retention. She has also worked with City of Dublin Youth Service Board, the National Youth Work Advisory Committee and has served on the Board of Directors of the National Association for Youth Drama and the National Youth Council of Ireland. She was elected to the Educate Together Board in 2014.

Joanne Galvin

Joanne is a founder parent and former Chairperson of Waterford Educate Together National School. She has been actively involved in Educate Together's campaign for second-level schools. She was elected by the members to the Board of Directors at the 2012 AGM. 

Maurice Hurley

Maurice Hurley is the former Principal of Tyrrelstown ETNS in Dublin. He has completed a post-graduate certificate in ethical education in St. Patrick’s College and looks forward to the rapid expansion of inclusive democratic and learner-centred schools throughout Ireland and beyond. He was elected to the Educate Together Board in 2013.

Paddie Murphy

Paddie is a former principal of Rathfarnham Educate Together N.S. and currently serves on the Board of Management of Griffith Barracks Multi-denominational School. She is one of the four authors of the Learn Together Programme. Paddie joined the Educate Together Board of Directors in 2009.

Mary O'Rourke

Former TD Mary O'Rourke is a vastly experienced legislator who has served as Tanaiste, Minister of Education, Health, Public Enterprise and Leader of the Seanad. Mary was appointed to the Educate Together Board in 2011.

Martina von Richter

Martina von Richter has rich experience in the area of social entrepreneurship and impact investments. She joined Phitrust Partenaires in 2007, a leading French social venture fund. She is a highly regarded expert and advocate of impact investments within the finance community and is dedicated to teaching children about responsible entrepreneurship, peace values and life skills. She was elected to the Educate Together Board in 2014.

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