Educate Together’s 2019 – 2023 Strategic Objectives

The Educate Together national office is responsible for carrying out the organisation’s Strategic Objectives, as set out by the Board of Directors of Educate Together. Educate Together’s 2019 – 2023 Strategic Objectives are available to view here and available to download below.

Quality & Capacity

  • Improve the processes and systems in place to support quality in Schools (recruitment, governance etc);
  • Support, promote and continually develop Educate Together ethos;
  • Review and refine our CPD to support implementation of the Ethical Education curriculum.

  • Advocate for enhancements in Teacher Education;
  • Establish Educate Together as a leader of school communities of practice;
  • Continue to support and pioneer innovation in education and implement good practice in 21st century teaching and learning;
  • Advocate and work with educational stakeholders for systemic reforms to improve the provision of education in Ireland.

  • Implement a sustainable plan to increase our capacity to keep pace with parental demand for Educate Together schools and seek investment and partnerships accordingly;
  • Focus on improving the State support for Educate Together.