Quality Standards in Educate Together Schools

Schools in the Educate Together network are committed to the Educate Together Charter which sets our the values and the underpinning principles that are central to the operation of all Educate Together schools.

Educate Together’s Ethos Quality Framework which includes quality standards and statements of effective practice outlines what school communities should aim for in implementing these values and principles.

Quality Standards in Educate Together Schools

The standards are set out in six domains and include the four underlying principles of the Educate Together charter along with a fifth domain for Ethical Education/Learn Together as the patron’s programme and a sixth for sustainable practice.

The inclusion of sustainable practice reflects Educate Together’s commitment to equality and democracy. As leaders in the field of Ethical Education, there is an onus on Educate Together schools to model and embed sustainability in all of their strategies and policies.

Statements that relate to the Co-educational principle of the Educate Together’s Charter appear in the Equality domain.

Quality Standards: Statements of Effective Practice
To read the full Ethos SSE Guidelines for Educate Together Schools visit our member ethos guidance website