Motions Passed at 2006 AGM

Motion 1: PE Curriculum
The AGM calls on Educate Together to highlight to the DES the need for funding to implement the Aquatics programme of the PE curriculum. Currently it is impossible for ET schools to provide the full PE curriculum without funding from parents for swimming lessons, hire of pool and transport; this is against the spirit of free national school education Proposed by Griffeen Valley ETNS, adopted unanimaously

Motion 2: Constitution of Board of Management
The AGM calls on Educate Together to facilitate discussion with the partners in education on the composition of Boards of Management. The current composition of BOMs do not fully represent all the stakeholders in the school system, particularly those that work as SNAs and other support staff. In order to reflect our ethos, we would ask that representation on BOMs would be as broadly representative as possible
Proposed by Griffeen Valley ETNS; adopted unanimously.

Motion 3: Reporting on Progress on Motions Passed
The AGM calls on Educate Together to report annually at the AGM on progress made with motions passed at the previous year’s AGM.
Proposed by Swords ETNS; adopted unanimously.

Motion 4: Financial Provision for In-Service
The AGM calls on Educate Together to challenge the Dept of Education and Science on the lack of financial provision for teacher training in the Educate Together programme, on grounds of inequality.
Proposed by Swords ETNS, adopted unanimously.

Motion 5: Nominations of Directors
All nominations for election as Director of Educate Together must be made at least 25 days prior to the Annual General Meeting, the names of those nominated and a statement supporting their candidacy must published to the members at least 21 days prior to the Annual General Meeting.
Proposed by the Board of Directors. adopted unanimously.

Motion 6: Memorandum and Articles of Association
This AGM agrees to adopt the proposed changes to the Memorandum and Articles of Association as circulated. Proposed by the Board of Directors, adopted unanimously.

Motion 7. Emergency Motion from Castaheaney Educate Together National School.
Educate Together is appalled, and totally condemns, the peremptory and dictatorial action by the DES in unilaterally deciding that “….Castaheany Educate Together School is to take in a 3rd stream of Junior Infants this September….”.Further we condemn the fact that this information was not communicated directly to the BOM but rather issued as a Press Release to the media, from where the Chair of the BOM first learned of the announcement.

This AGM instructs Educate Together:

  1. to communicate is dissatisfaction with the announcement of 27th April to the DES;
  2. to request the DES School Planning Section improve its communication processes, and formally refer all matters pertaining to official decisions about schools in the first instance to that schools BOM, verbally and in writing, prior to any national or local announcements made by Ministers, and indeed before that information is made available to other local schools / action groups.

The AGM also requests that Educate Together, as Patron, clarify for school Boards of Management the official ET position on maximum school size, and the legal authority of the school Board of Management in reaching a decision in relation to school size. Proposed by Castaheany Educate Together N.S.; adopted unanimously.