Upcoming CPD for the Learn Together curriculum (2022)

By Vera Shanahan, Primary Education Officer 

Educate Together is delighted to receive funding from Irish Aid to support the roll-out and implementation of the Learn Together curriculum (2022). Global Citizenship Education is at the heart of our curriculum and this funding will enable us to provide meaningful Continued Professional Development to every school on methodologies to promote students’ engagement and learning in Global Citizenship Education through Ethical Education.  

This CPD is a fantastic opportunity to help teachers upskill and explore new methodologies before implementing the new curriculum in their classrooms. The curriculum itself will retain the status of ‘draft’ until ratified by Educate Together members, which we hope will happen at AGM next May.  

Here is a little taster of what to expect each term:  

Term 1 (Sept-Dec 2022):  

  • Webinar: Promoting student-led teaching and learning about different worldviews  

Term 2 (Jan-March 2023):  

  • Face-to-face CPD sessions in regional Education Centres: One staff member from every school will be invited to attend a face-to-face CPD session on key methodologies  
  • Webinar: Investigating environmental issues in the primary classroom  

Term 3 (April-June 2023):  

  • Webinar: Exploring equality-based initiatives in the primary classroom 
  • Roll-out of pre-recorded content (theme will be decided in consultation with our school network).  

 Where do I sign up? 

Links for registration will be sent to teachers directly through the Primary Teachers’ Newsletter 

If you’re not on the list yet you can sign up for the newsletter here!  

Many thanks to Irish Aid for funding this project. We look forward to working with them to enhance teaching and learning in Global Citizenship Education across the Educate Together network.