Lockdown Stories from Harcourt Terrace ETNS


Teacher Maeve Trehy from Harcourt Terrace ETNS describes a whole school project put together during lockdown in 2020 in which students had the chance to raise caterpillars and release the butterflies: 

“When the first lockdown hit, the staff and children of Harcourt Terrace Educate Together NS were trying their best to maintain our teaching and learning remotely. However, we knew that our best digital efforts were just not reaching all of our children. I was teaching Junior Infants had raised butterflies in the classroom before and proposed doing it remotely as a way to come together in a shared experience. I sourced the caterpillars from insectlore.co.uk and delivered them in a socially distanced manner to each household. The success of the project far exceeded our hopes as the very children who had not engaged with remote learning previously, uploaded videos, photos, drawings and reports of their precious charges. This year we have had to dig deep into our creative reserves again and will be making a school quilt in the Educate Together colours. Stand by for the finished project!”

Enjoy a video documenting the project: