Call to second level students to join the Student Event Advisory Committee

By Susana Núñez, Education Officer (Second-level), Educate Together  

Following the success of the Ethical Education student event last May, plans are already under way for an even bigger and better event in the year ahead. 

The student event involves first and/or second year students from across the Educate Together network meeting for a day of peer-learning, peer-teaching and most importantly, a lot of fun.  

Students voices are important in Educate Together. We listened to those who attended the event in Clogher Road Community College in 2022, and we learned that students really enjoyed the peer-led workshops. Based on that feedback and in preparation for next year’s event, we would like to gather a group of second-level students to help us plan this year, this will ensure that the event is as engaging and as learner centred as possible.  

Nominate students to the advisory 

We are now inviting schools to nominate Senior Cycle students to an advisory group (maximum of two students per school). Drawing from a number of schools, the group will meet online during school time on a monthly basis from October until the event in March. The meetings will be hosted and facilitated by Susana, the Second-level Education Officer in the national office.  

Students who become part of this advisory group will have the possibility of assisting in the facilitation of the day.  

Use this form to register your interest. 

We look forward to hearing from you!