Redeployment Panel Update – 23 September 2011

Permanent posts
The Educate Together Main panel remains clear.  There are currently three teachers on the Educate Together supplementary panel. Any schools with permanent vacancies must contact all three teachers on the list and engage with them. Only when a refusal is obtained from all three (on the grounds of distance) will a school be given permission to proceed to advertising their post.

Fixed term posts
All schools may proceed to fill their fixed term posts in the normal way, i.e. advertisement and recruitment.

Exceptions to the above
Schools that have been contacted individually by the DES or located within 45km of Ventry, Co. Kerry or Ballygar, Co. Galway should contact the Department at if they have any permanent or fixed term vacancies to fill.

Special National Panel Please note that a panel officer is being appointed in relation to the special national panel (supplementary) for the Dublin area. Any schools in the greater Dublin area that are currently advertising  permanent special class and/or resource post vacancies are instructed to suspend their current recruitment process pending the decision of the panel officer.

As per the Departments update (13th September) Schools are reminded that, in accordance with the arrangements set out in Circular 19/2011, the latest date for filling a permanent post on a permanent basis is Monday 7 November 2011 (first working day of November for schools). Permanent vacancies that occur:

  • prior to 7 November 2011 but the appointment process is not completed by the 7 November  or
  • after 7 November 2011

can only be filled on a fixed-term basis unless the appointee is a permanent or CID holding teacher from a redeployment panel. These arrangements do not apply to Principal posts which will continue to be filled in the normal manner on a permanent basis.

This means that after 7 November schools will only be allowed to appoint a teacher in a permanent capacity if they take a teacher from a Main redeployment panel.  Otherwise schools will only be allowed to appoint a teacher in a fixed term capacity. By our calculations this means that the latest possible date to advertise a permanent post will be October 14th.

Read the full DES update here