Educate Together Joins Fundraising Initiative for Irish Charities

Educate Together is delighted to announce its participation in the new daily deals website, Deal Effect

Deal Effect operates in a similar fashion to other daily deal websites in that the website’s subscribers can buy heavily discounted deals on various goods and services. 

The unique selling point of Deal Effect is that 11% of every customer’s total spend is donated to a charity of their choice – in this case: Educate Together.

Just follow the link to, sign up and select Educate Together as your chosen charity. There is no obligation to buy, but if you do then 11% of the purchase price goes to Educate Together!

When you make a purchase on the site, you’re getting a great deal and you’re helping Educate Together to build a national network of schools where every child is cherished and encouraged to reach their full potential.

Sign up today:

Deal Effect