The Learn Together Review 

As you may know Educate Together has been reviewing the Learn Together curriculum over the past couple of years. The purpose of this review is to bring the curriculum up to date and to ensure that it is accessible and comprehensively presented for all teachers to use in their classrooms. We’re almost at piloting stage!  

We’re asking all schools to take part in the piloting process of the new curriculum. This process will take place in April / May, (after the Easter holidays), when schools have hopefully reopened. Schools will be contacted to facilitate piloting in specific areas of the curriculum and in specific classes and the pilot process will take roughly 4 weeks. We’d ask that you make allowances for this time when planning work in the Learn Together.  

To date, the consultation process for the new curriculum has involved: 

  • A network-wide teacher survey 
  • 10 teacher focus groups 

In upcoming weeks, we also plan to have (contingent on Covid arrangements) 

  • Pupil focus groups in two schools 
  • A network-wide survey for parents 
  • A network-wide survey for ancillary staff: ANAs/SNAs, secretaries and caretakers 

We are grateful to schools for their ongoing support and co-operation in this initiative. To find out more you get in touch via email.