Meet the new Ethical Education Network Committee for 2021! 

The Ethical Education Network is a teacher professional network for teachers with an interest in Ethical Education. The network is led by a committee of teachers who work together to plan and manage continuous professional development events during the school year. The nine teachers featured here were elected to the committee at the most recent AGM in December.  

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Aaron Kenny, Communications Officer 

“I’m looking forward to learning more about the Ethical Education Network for my own personal development and looking forward to learning new ways to implement & teach the Ethical Education curriculum.”

Aaron teaches Geography, History and Ethical Education at Kishoge Community College in Lucan.   

Jana Elkhawad, Auxiliary Member  

“I’m looking forward to learning from others and sharing ideas while working with the EEN committee in 2021.”

Jana teaches CSPE, SPHE, Religious Education, Philosophy and Developmental Studies at The Teresian School in Donnybrook. She is originally from the Czech Republic, where she did her Masters in Education and qualified as a teacher of Ethics and Religious Education. In her thesis, she focuses on eco-ethics and spirituality. She is interested in bringing philosophical and ethical concepts into the classroom and philosophising with her students.    

Michael Manners, Treasurer 

“I am looking forward to bringing more teachers onboard through our informative and inspirational workshops.”

Michael is the TY Coordinator and teaches French and History at Kishoge Community College in Lucan. He spent 5 years working for the Irish Aid organisation of GOAL. After growing up with the Ethiopian famine of the ’80s he was inspired to try and help those in our society who need it most. Now as a teacher we are in such a privileged position to try and impact the future of our world. The students of today are the first ever to have the opportunity to rid the world of poverty and I would like to in some way drive that future through our Ethical Education Curriculum.  

Ciara McMackin, Secretary  

“I am coordinator of the Ethical Education department in Kishoge CC and love to share resources – get in touch!”

Ciara is a Deputy Principal and teacher of English, Ethical Education and Gaeilge at Kishoge Community College. She has been secretary of the EEN since its inception (with a brief period as chairperson). “I have really enjoyed our practical events on media literacy, learning from artefacts and from children’s books. The highlight for me is the range of external experts willing to facilitate EEN sessions – I am always wowed by their input!”  

Nadja El Kaisy Friemuth-Cassidy, Membership Officer 

“As a teacher with a mixed ethnic heritage I am very interested in intercultural education and developing lesson plans about Irish diversity. I am excited to be on the team again and organise events that allow teachers to share their experiences of teaching in diverse classrooms as well as cover topics such as Black Lives Matter.”

Nadja is a teacher of Ethical Education and German at Clonturk Community College. “Ethical Education is the reason I have become a teacher. I think it is such a valuable and unique subject that really helps students to explore different worldviews, and defines critical thinking skills for both students and teachers. Over the past two years we have covered topics from sustainability, gender equality, moral philosophy, to diversity in Ireland.”  

Angela Keane, Chairperson 

“I am looking forward to working with colleagues on the EEN committee and learning from the collective wisdom! I am also excited by the opportunity to identify CPD needs and explore new CPD opportunities.”

Angela teaches Art and Ethical Education at Harold‘s Cross Educate Together Secondary School. She was previously a teacher at Bremore ETSS so this is her 5th Year teaching Ethical Education. I am particularly interested in collaborative practice and cross curricular opportunities for exploring Ethical Education in the wider curriculum. I am also interested in sustainable consumerism and sustainable communities and exploring this within Art practice.  

Orla McConville, Auxiliary Member  

I have been a member of the Ethical Education Teacher’s Network since its founding 3 years ago and have really enjoyed being involved in organising events.

Orla is a teacher of French and Ethical Education at Bremore Educate Together Secondary School. I have been teaching for 12 years and have taught Ethical Education for the last 5 years. I have led the development of the subject in my school. I work hard to link Ethical Education as subject into our cross curricular projects; for example our Phenomenon Based Learning projects which we run each year.  

Pam O’Leary, Auxiliary Member  

“I am looking forward to running the first Ethics Bowl in Ireland this year!”

Pam O’Leary is Guidance Counsellor, TY Coordinator and Ethical Education Teacher at Cork Educate Together Secondary School.   

Niall Friel, Auxiliary Member 

I’m looking forward to helping develop the network’s membership base through online and in-person events. Hoping to be able to attend my first Ethics Bowl!”

Niall teaches English and Ethical Education at Kishoge Community College. 

“I have been teaching Ethical Education since joining Kishoge Community College in 2017 and joined the EEN Committee the same year in order to develop my knowledge of the curriculum and to have the opportunity to organise and attend CPD events.”  

The EEN was formed in May 2017 and each year its membership has grown. The network is free to join and is open to all teachers and those with an interest in Ethical Education.   

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