Free e-learning module: Social and Culturally Responsive Practice in Education

Susana Nunez, Second-level Education Officer

Educate Together is excited to bring you a new eModule titled Social and Culturally Responsive Practice in Education.

Developed as part of Educate Together’s Nurture Schools project to accompany our Trauma Informed Practice e-module, Educate Together contracted Dr. Margaret Flood, Assistant Professor and Academic Advisor at Maynooth University Department of Education, and Nicole Tucker-Smith, Founder and CEO of Lessoncast and Author, to develop the eModule. The module is designed to empower educators with the knowledge and skills needed to create culturally and socially responsive classrooms. 

Through a series of short videos, engaging exercises, and reflective activities, this eModule brings you through an interesting journey and encourages educators to be mindful of their biases, reflect on the importance of valuing and respecting diverse identities, and lean into discomfort to create brave spaces for conversation and action. As we aspire to be culturally and socially responsive, this course will equip us with practical strategies and insights to foster positive change in our classrooms. 

The course is flexible and can be taken individually or as a team activity. We invite you to consider undertaking this eModule during the summer, using the time to invest in your professional development and enhance your teaching practice. Alternatively, schools can schedule it as part of their staff induction programme for the new school year, setting the tone for a culturally and socially responsive learning environment from the very beginning. 

With the generous financial support from ReThink Ireland, as part of Educate Together’s Nurture Project, we are able to offer this transformative course that offers an opportunity to further shape inclusive and equitable learning environments in our network. 

The course is available on Educate Together’s Moodle site – teachers can create an account to access it if you don’t have one already.