Free online module on trauma informed practice

In March, Educate Together launched an innovative and timely online module on Trauma Informed Practice for primary and post-primary schools (TIP). This module was developed as a general introduction to TIP to help teachers understand the impact of trauma on young people in the classroom.  

This free module balances theory and practice and features Question and Answer sessions facilitated by principals from our school network. Over five modules, the course provides a comprehensive overview of the types of trauma and their impact on the brain and behaviour. It explores Adverse Childhood Experiences and the importance of fostering a nurturing classroom environment to support all students and, with input from Irish researchers in this field, outlines how teachers can manage trauma, stress and take care of themselves in challenging contexts.  

While not designed to address trauma as a result of experiencing conflict and war, this invaluable course will support teachers to develop their understanding of trauma and how it can affect the children in our care. The course takes approximately two hours to complete and a certificate is provided upon completion. There is also a survey available to all participants, encouraging you to reflect on your learning and embed it in your practice.  

Feedback from teachers: 

“I have done a number of TIP CPD courses. This one was really excellent” 

“As a science teacher, I loved the continued link of mental and emotional health to science. Sometimes it can be forgotten that we as humans are biological and what’s going on in the brain is scientific, that our emotions are also important when it comes to understanding who we are as people, both in society and science. Thank you!” 

“A very informative worthwhile course”