2022 – European Year of Youth

In the Educate Together Ethical Education family we love a date for our Ethical Education calendar, but when this celebration has young people at the core, it makes it even more special. The European Union is celebrating 2022 as the Year of Youth (EYY).  

This will provide great opportunities for primary and second-level schools to get involved in European projects and or learn more about the role of young people in European democratic structures. We hear from Léargas who will be coordinating European Year of Youth in Ireland, hosting events, and promoting opportunities throughout the year for young people.  

The European Year of Youth 2022  

“The pandemic has robbed young people of many opportunities – to meet and make new friends, to experience and explore new cultures. While we cannot give them that time back, we are proposing today to designate 2022 the European Year of Youth.”

European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen in a press release in October 2021 

2022 marks the official European Year of Youth. This year acknowledges how difficult the pandemic has been for young people and aims to assist the youth sector in recovering from its effects, in engaging with young people and ensuring that their voices are heard as important change-makers.  

The EYY has four main aims: 

  1. To highlight how the green and digital transitions offer opportunities for young people 
  2. To help young people become active and engaged citizens 
  3. To promote European opportunities available to young people 
  4. To bring a youth perspective to the EU’s policies  

The EYY2022 programme was shaped by young Europeans and will be supported by an €8 million budget from Erasmus+ and the European Solidarity Corps. This budget will provide plenty of opportunities for young people to learn, share their vision, meet people, and engage in activities all over Europe!  

The European Youth Portal provides young people with information on opportunities in Europe whilst making sure that their voices are heard as European citizens. The portal contains a ‘Voices of Young Europeans’ section where young European journalists discuss their opinions and hopes for the future.  

This portal will be a central point for EYY2022 activities and includes an interactive map that showcases activities that celebrate this year from all around Europe. Schools or any other organisations that work with young people can submit their EYY related activities here.

For more information about what the Year has in store you can visit  www.leargas.ie.