Parents Welcome News of New Primary School for Kildare Town

Educate Together has welcomed news from the Department of Education and Skills that a new primary school will be opened in Kildare Town in 2012. Kildare is one of four additional areas where schools are planned for September 2012, with nine more planned for 2013.

The Department of Education and Skills has invited patrons to apply for the patronage of four additional primary schools in 2012.  These schools will be in Kildare Town and in three areas in Dublin: Ballinteer, Stepaside and Tallaght. Three new primary schools are opening this year and two further schools had already been sanctioned to open in 2012[1]. Now four additional new schools for 2012 have been announced and patrons have been invited to apply.

Speaking about the announcement, Educate Together’s Head of Education and Network Development, Emer Nowlan, said: This is great news for parents in these areas who have been seeking Educate Together schools. The forum on Patronage and Pluralism is highlighting the need for different school types to be established in all areas of the country. At least for parents in these developing areas, there is now the possibility that they may be able to choose the type of school they want for their children – for some as early as next September.

The Department of Education and Skills will now accept applications from potential patrons for these schools. These applications will address a number of criteria, such as parental demand for each school type. The applications will be considered by the Department and by the New Schools Establishment Group, who will advise the Minister.

Amy Mulvihill, Regional Development Officer for South Leinster, said: I am delighted to be able to proceed with an application to establish an Educate Together school for Kildare Town. Over the years, I have had numerous requests from parents who want an Educate Together school in the town. These parents have had to travel to Newbridge to ensure their children receive the type of education they want for them. I am confident that there will be sufficient demand for an Educate Together school and intend working with parents in the area over the summer months to prepare the application.

Amy Mulvihill
Regional Development Officer – Leinster South
Educate Together