General Members Meeting 5th March 2005

The second National Forum was held on March 5th, 2005 at Limerick School Project. Our guest speaker was Ms. Joan Crowley O’Sullivan from the Special Education Support Service. Copies of the key presentations are available from the the office. The National Office would like to sincerely thank everyone at Limerick School Project for hosting a dynamic and hugely enjoyable Forum

The first National Forum took place on October 16th, 2004 at the Central Hotel, Dublin 2. Copies of the key presentations and workshop notes are available from the National Office.

Broadly the National Forum is designed to cover the following areas:

  • To provide an opportunity for schools to exchange information and ideas based on experience;
  • To provide an opportunity for schools to support each other;
  • To provide an opportunity for personnel in schools to network with each other;
  • To act as a line of communication between the Directors of Educate Together and schools; in particular, to ensure that the Directors have an efficient way of reporting on their activities to the constituent members of Educate Together;
  • To operate as a medium to consider policy issues required to be considered by the Directors;
  • To bring forward policy proposals for consideration at an annual meetings;

Membership and Format of the National Forum:

  • Each school has the right to nominate four persons to the National Forum. The manner of selection of these people is the responsibility of each school. The National Forum meets three times during the school year, at venues to be decided, but at least one of which will be outside Dublin. The meetings are organised by Mary Aust, in conjunction with the National Office team.
  • The meetings of the National Forum are day-long affairs, with a reasonably long lunch break, on the grounds that one of the important functions of these meetings is to provide networking opportunities.

Directors who attend the National Forum meetings are present as observers rather than active participants. The costs of attending the National Forum are borne by schools, but the administration/accommodation costs are met by Educate Together.