Enrolment Caps Lifted on Five Educate Together Schools in Tramore, New Ross, Trim, Tuam and Castlebar

Following a constructive meeting between Educate Together and the Department of Education last week concerning the enrolment restrictions imposed on five Educate Together schools, Educate Together is pleased to confirm that the Department has agreed that all five schools should be facilitated to develop into 8 classroom full stream schools. 

Commenting on this welcome development, Educate Together CEO Paul Rowe said: 

“Educate Together is very pleased that the Department has responded positively to the case it has made in support of these five schools. The Department’s apparently discriminatory policy towards these schools has caused great distress to prospective parents and the staff of Tramore ETNS, New Ross ETNS, Trim ETNS, Tuam ETNS and Castlebar ETNS and considerable public reaction.”

Educate Together is also pleased to announce that the Department has committed to working with Educate Together to ensure that suitable and sufficient accommodation is made available to allow the schools to grow to full stream capacity. This is to be achieved through a combination of school expansions, sourcing more suitable accommodations and through engaging with relevant patrons bodies and school leaders with a view to reconfiguring school provision in the areas. 

Educate Together would like to thank all all those who have supported these five school communities – politicians of all parties and the many people who expressed their support through mainstream and social media.

Educate Together is pleased that the Department will no longer restrict the growth of these schools as a matter of policy. Rather it has committed to working with the schools, with Educate Together and the with church authorities in these areas to facilitate the fundamental concept of school choice for families, parents and children. Educate Together looks forward to working with the Department on providing for that choice – in Tramore, New Ross, Trim, Tuam and Castelbar – and in towns all around Ireland, so that all families who wish to avail of an equality-based education will facilitated to do so.