Educate Together welcomes news of new primary schools announced for 2014

Educate Together has welcomed news from the Department of Education and Skills that new primary schools will be opened in four areas in September 2014.

The Department of Education and Skills has invited patrons to apply for the patronage of new primary schools in Midleton/Carrigtwohill, Cork; Swords, Dublin Fingal; Sandymount/Ringsend, Dublin 4 and Knocknacarra, Galway City West.

Commenting on the announcement, Educate Together’s CEO Paul Rowe, said:

This is great news for parents in these areas who have been campaigning for Educate Together schools. The results of the recent Department of Education and Skills parental survey showed significant demand for Educate Together schools across the country. We know of many parents in Knocknacarra, Dublin 4, Midleton/Carrigtwohill and North Dublin who will be delighted at this news.”

Jessica Ryan, speaking on behalf of the Dublin 4 Educate Together Start-up Group said:

We are both excited and encouraged by the announcement of a new primary school in Sandymount/Ringsend. The group was set up to meet the demand from local parents for an Educate Together school. Since our campaign started 18 months ago our pre-enrolment list has grown to over 450 children – so there is plenty of demand!.

Pre-enrolment officer of the Knocknacarra Educate Together Start-up Group, Maggie Hall, said:

We are absolutely delighted that parents in Knocknacarra will have a chance to get an Educate Together school established in the area.

The Department of Education and Skills will now accept applications from potential patrons for these schools. These applications will address a number of criteria, such as parental demand for each school type. The applications will be considered by the Department and by the New Schools Establishment Group, who will advise the Minister.

If you live in these areas and would like an Educate Together school for your child, follow the links below and fill in the pre-enrolment forms. We will use this data to show the Department the level of parental demand for an Educate Together school in each area. 

An Educate Together school for Carrigtwohill (Cork)

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An Educate Together school for Swords (Dublin)

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An Educate Together school for Knocknacarra (Galway)

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An Educate Together school for Dublin 4

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