Educate Together School In Enniscorthy Closer Following Pre-Enrolment Launch

Another milestone in the arrival of an Educate Together school in Enniscorthy was passed this week with the holding of a Pre-Enrolment Launch.

Educate Together schools have a first-come, first served admissions policy which means that to enrol a child parents only need to fill up a simple form and places are offered based on a list of these applications.

A launch of such a list took place last Tuesday night in the Riverside Park Hotel and it is hoped that the children now on this list may be offered places in the new school as early as 2011, if the application is granted by the Department of Education and Skills.

Ms Annette Soraine from the Educate Together Start-up Group in Enniscorthy said: We were delighted to work with Educate Together to set up a school in the area, giving choice to parents. Now, with childen pre-enroled we have the most concrete support we can get from Parents., that is, their stated intention to send their children to our school.

Pre-enrolment forms can be obtained by e-mailaing a request to or can be downloaded here.

Said Ms Soraine, we will be hosting a number of activities over the next few weeks and months to highlight the process for enroling children and also providing general information. We are looking forward to the pre-enrolment list growing and growing