Castleknock ETNS Scientists of Tomorrow!

Young scientists from the laboratories and classrooms of Castleknock Educate Together National School made an impact at the 2012 RDS Primary Science Fair!

The fair, which is part of the BT Young Scientist and Technology Exhibition, provides an opportunity for students to 
think about science in practical and fun ways and helps to develop their skills in communicating their interest and knowledge of science to others.

The children from Castleknock ETNS impressed with their project, Visual Puzzles, which involved a range of challenging images and optical illusions. These challenging puzzles kept visitors to the Castleknock exhibition both entertained and perplexed for hours!

Over 3,000 primary school students representing 120 schools from across Ireland displayed their projects at the fair. As usual, Educate Together schools punched above their weight – with young scientists from six Educate Together National Schools – Galway, Midleton, North Kildare, Belmayne, Balbriggan, and Castleknock – exhibiting their projects. Although Educate Together pupils make up just 2% of the overall primary school population in Ireland, their work is regularly selected for inclusion.

Educate Together CEO Paul Rowe visited the exhibition to find out more about the projects exhibited by pupils from Castleknock ETNS. He said, ‘I would like to congratulate every Educate Together pupil, teacher and parent involved in working on these very impressive scientific investigations. Today’s school pupils will be members of the knowledge economy of tomorrow and I’m delighted to see Educate Together schools at the forefront of this movement’.