A new Educate Together primary school will open in Ashbourne this year!

Ashbourne ETNS

Ashbourne Educate Together NS will open in the first week of September, 2012. Parents who wish to pre-enrol their children for the new Educate Together school in Ashbourne can download the pre-enrolment form on the school’s website

Ashbourne Start-up Group members busy at workSince the announcement by the Department of Education and Skills last year, Educate Together in conjunction with the local Start-up Group have been busy with preparations for the opening of the school. The Start-up group, under the leadership of Chairperson, Marie Ronan, can be contacted at ashbourneeducatetogether@gmail.com.

The group’s website www.ashbourneetns.ie is up and running. 

Ashbourne Educate Together National School,


Co Meath

Telephone:  01 8357493

Email: ashbourneetns@gmail.com