Sandymount Park Educate Together Secondary School

At Sandymount Park ETSS, the wellbeing and development of the student is at the heart of all decision making, policies and practices. Staff believe that students learn best when they are happy and that happiness in school comes from feeling stimulated, connected and involved. It is an equality-based, co-educational, democratically-run and learner-centred second-level school based in Sandymount in Dublin. Sandymount Park ETSS is state-funded and teaches the National Curriculum. It is a non-fee-paying school that is open to students of all backgrounds. Contact information for the school can be found below.

Contact Information:

Sandymount Park Educate Together Secondary School
The Sandymount Building
16 Simmonscourt Road
Dublin 4
Co. Dublin

Phone Number:
01 9106230