Clogher Road Community College*

At Clogher Road Community College, all staff are committed to ensuring the standards are high in everything we do. Lessons are innovative, well planned and designed to meet the needs of all learners. The school are particularly proud of some new developments including our Project Based Learning Centre, our Nurture Space, our Aquaponics station and our designated Guidance and Counselling office. It is an equality-based, co-educational, democratically-run and learner-centred second-level school based in Crumlin in Dublin 12. Clogher Road Community College is state-funded and teaches the National Curriculum. It is a non-fee-paying school that is open to students of all backgrounds. Contact information for the school can be found below.

The school is in the process of transition to being managed and operated through a partnership between City of Dublin ETB (patron) and Educate Together (trustee partner).

Contact Information:

Clogher Road Community College
Clogher Road
Dublin 12
Co. Dublin