UCD support for philosophy teachers in the Educate Together network

Susana Nunez, Education Officer (second-level) 

It is no secret that in the Educate Together network we are keen on philosophy.  This is evident in our Learn Together and Ethical Education, but also many of the second level schools in the network also offer it as a subject as part of their junior cycle programme.  

A teacher in Kishoge Community College contacted national office recently to share that in her efforts to find support and resources for teachers, she got in touch with some P4C (Philosophy for Children) researchers in UCD and together they have created a support group for those teaching Philosophy as a short course for JCT. She is now eager to share the good news with everyone, as well as the opportunity to join this group.  

“There are very few resources or supports available yet, due to the fact that this is a very new field in the post-primary system. For this reason, I am sure that philosophy teachers would be keen to get on board.” said Elaine O’Dea, Philosophy teacher in Kishoge Community College, who started this initiative. 

The group is holding regular philosophy Teach-Meets in UCD this term. This will involve a mixture of academics and practising teachers sharing ideas, resources and methods to best cover the philosophy course at post-primary level. They meet from 7-9pm either once a month or bi-monthly on a Tuesday. 

If you are interested in joining the group, please email Georgios georgios.petropoulos@ucd.ie to find out when the next gathering is.  

All are welcome!