Educate Together Nurture Schools Project

The Educate Together Nurture Schools Project began in December 2020 with an invitation to a number of schools to participate in the project following an application process.

29 schools applied to participate in the project and while we originally planned to work with 25, we felt that it would be difficult to exclude a small number. So we were able to include some small schools in some elements of the project. It will be interesting to see how these schools can build the Nurture Approach from the start.

What’s happening in the project now? 

Two staff members from each school began a certified training course led by Nurturing Schools Ireland at the end of January. It says a lot for the commitment of these staff members that they are logging on at the end of a long day to participate in four three hour-long sessions focusing on the Theory & Practice of the Nurture Approach. This training will continue throughout February.  

Digital and Blended Learning Support 

Camara Ireland is one of our partners in this project with whom we’re working to ensure that the project and all its elements can be delivered effectively in the online space. To date, they have provided training to our partners in Nurturing Schools Ireland and staff from all 29 schools have completed an audit survey which will help Camara plan how best to support them.  

Trauma Informed Care 

Educate Together’s third partner in this project is consultancy Quality Matters in conjunction with Dr. Sharon Lambert from UCC.  Development will begin in the coming weeks on the online training module for staff in Educate Together schools on adopting a Trauma-Informed Care to their work in schools. This will complement the Nurture Approach.  

We’ll keep updating you on the development of the project as time goes by.

The following are the participating schools: 

  • Bremore ETSS
  • Broombridge ETNS
  • Cabra Community College
  • Castaheany ETNS
  • Clogher Road Community College
  • Ennis ETNS
  • Esker ETNS
  • Galway ETSS
  • Hansfield ETSS
  • Harcourt Terrace ETNS
  • Holywell ETNS
  • Kishoge Community College
  • Malahide Portmarnock ETNS
  • Mullingar ETNS
  • Newtownwhite ETNS
  • North Wicklow ETSS
  • Owenabue ETNS
  • Pelletstown ETNS
  • Powerstown ETNS
  • Rathcoole ETNS
  • Rathfarnham ETNS
  • South Lee ETNS
  • Stapolin ETNS
  • Thornleigh ETNS
  • Tramore ETNS
  • Tuam ETNS
  • Westport ETNS
  • Wexford ETNS
  • Wicklow ETNS