International Cuisine Day in Portlaoise ETNS

Gouri, Mara, Subhan and Zach – 5th & 6th Class members of the Student Council

On Friday the 23rd February Portlaoise ETNS held their cuisine day. Teachers Rozz, Hazel, Jorja and Sarah along with all the members of the student council planned and organized the day for the whole school. In the run up to the event some of the classes created posters containing lots of information about the food and the country that it represented. The student council then decorated the school hall with these colourful, vibrant and informative posters along with some balloons.

Parents helped their children the previous evening to create interesting and delightfully tasty dishes and treats to share with our PETNS family. When the food was dropped into the school the next day the student council created labels for all the different foods. Labels were also created to show which country the food represented. The Student Council knew that they had a busy day lying ahead of them but thankfully parents had volunteered to help out throughout the day. Some of these parents helped to organise tables and seating and also to serve the food as well.

All classes in the school came down one by one to sample the different kinds of food. First they looked around at all the different types of food that was on offer and then they chose three food items they wanted to try. Each class then sat together as a group sampling the many different dishes.

We also had a special table where families and staff could buy the official PETNS Cook Book.

Before we all went home the Student Council and the parents who had volunteered tidied and cleaned up our school hall so it was ready for a meeting on ‘Against Racism’.

Everybody had a deliciously delightful day!