Educate Together Ethos Guidance platform feature: rights versus beliefs

Ethos Guidance

Celebrating Diversity, Upholding Human Rights

Susana Nunez, Education Officer, Educate Together

In this edition which focuses on our Educate Together motto, “Learn together to live together,” our Ethos Guidance feature delves into the thought-provoking interplay of Rights versus Beliefs.

In Educate Together, our commitment extends beyond providing spaces where everyone feels welcome, heard and respected, we actively champion the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and its counterpart the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC). Our Learn Together and Ethical Education curricula are informed and built upon this human rights bedrock.

In Educate Together schools, we actively promote environments that foster respect for diversity, encourage critical thinking, and facilitate safe and open discussions where differences in opinion are welcomed. Such teaching and learning takes place within a human rights framework. The role of the teacher is to facilitate exploration and learning within this framework and to discourage discourse and actions that may encroach upon the human rights of others.

Achieving this balance is challenging. This becomes particularly relevant when teaching or managing controversial issues, emphasizing the importance of keeping our commitment to rights at the forefront.

Listed below are some resources which will help create safe classrooms spaces and prompt informed discussion:

E-learning – explore Educate Together’s LITTLE course. Start with module 1 which provides Guidance on creating a classroom climate conductive to Ethical Education before delving into module 5 “Managing conflict and facilitating dialogue on controversial issues”. The aim of this module is to:

  • Develop your skills and confidence in discussing potentially contentious or controversial issues with students in class
  • Facilitate safe and respectful discussions of controversial issues with students in your classroom
  • Prepare you to use a range of teaching methodologies and strategies to help facilitate respectful discussion and debate
  • Enable you to apply a number of strategies to help develop students’ listening and communication skills

Here are links to useful resources on the Educate Together ethos guidance platform:

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