Important information for boards of management

Important information for boards of management

The Annual General Meeting of Educate Together took place last May and a number of motions were passed by members. Here we highlight some of these motions and ask that you give some time to consider these at a meeting of the school Board. 

Joining NABMSE 

A number of Educate Together schools are already members of NABMSE (National Association of Boards of Management in Special Education) and Educate Together regularly works with NABMSE at national level as a primary management body. In 2021 a motion (2021/16) was passed which 2021/16 which recognised that “NABMSE is best placed to provide support to schools in setting up and running special classes and encourages member schools with special classes to join NABMSE.”     

Membership of NABMSE is open to the board of management of any recognised school providing education for children with additional educational needs at primary or post-primary level. The membership fee is €100 and you can join on the NABMSE website here:   

 Centre for School Leadership 

Some of the principals reading this letter are currently engaged with the Centre for School Leadership (CSL), either through being mentored, or being mentors. Others will have benefited in the past from its mentorship. In 2021 a motion (2021/15) was passed requesting members to support their principal in volunteering as a mentor with the Centre for School Leadership with a view to mentoring another Educate Together principal. This support can include practical supports such as release time and additional administrative support hours.” 

Educate Together encourages boards of management to support their principals if they wish to either avail of the CSL programme, or be a part of its delivery as a mentor. If you’d like to know more about the CSL, you’ll find more information on their website