Tramore Start-up Group: Information Day


Tramore Educate Together Start up Group held a very successful information day at Tramore library on 22nd January. A steady stream of people arrived throughout the morning and afternoon, some just looking for more information, some already signed up but wanting to greet the group and get an update on development, some just to wish the group well, and last but certainly not least, those pre-enroling their children. Members of the group were enthused to meet all-comers, and see the level of interest out there for a new school.

Niall Wall, Educate Together Southern Region Development Officer was on hand to answer any broader questions that people had.

Currently, the primary aim of the group is to demonstrate a real demand for an Educate Together National School in Tramore, and that comes from having a healthy pre-enrolment list. Parents who are interested should pre-enrol their child now. You won’t be committing yourself to anything, but you’ll be maximising your chance of gaining a place if/when the school gets the go-ahead, and every name on the pre-enrolment list improves the chances of success.

Finally, a big thanks to all who contributed to making the day a success, Tramore library, in particular Tracy McEneaney, for their continued support, Run Amuck and Mothers Knee for tea, coffee, and goodies to eat, but above all, everybody who came out on the day.