The Department of Education and Science Approves 6 New Educate Together Schools

Educate Together are delighted to announce the approval of six new Educate Together schools due to start in September.

In 2002 Educate Together opened seven new schools, more than twice the number of new schools opened by all other sectors of education. The progress of the Educate Together sector is a strong indication of the growing demand from the general public for schools that respect and cherish the identity of children from all religious, social and cultural backgrounds. Educate Together Schools run according to the principle that:

“All children have equal rights of access to the school, and children of all social, cultural and religious backgrounds are equally respected”

The formation of these new schools is based solely on the voluntary effort of parents. Members come from all walks of life. The voluntary groups have been told that they will have to source temporary accommodation for up to 10 years before the state will be in a position to supply permanent school buildings. The schools get no funding until the school opens. This difficulty is emphasised by the minister’s decision to recognise these schools conditional on the local associations being able to provide suitable accommodation by 26th of June.

The schools approved are in: Ballina, Clonee/Onagar, Limerick, Newbridge, Rush/Lusk, Wicklow. Advertisements for Principal Teachers for four of these schools will shortly be published.