Students of Canal Way ETNS Send Their Love To Chios

A huge 'well done' to Third, Fourth and Fifth classes at Canal Way ETNS in Dublin. Their teacher Hazel writes: 


'We have been learning about the sad situation in Syria for the last few weeks as part of Human Rights Month and we decided to take some action. We found out about a great school that has been set up on the island of Chios in Greece to provide education for the children that are living in camps there. Our class decided to hold a bake sale to raise money for their school. We baked at home with our parents and sold our produce the next day along with coffee to the parents in our school and we made over 1000 euro which we are very proud of!

We hope that we will make a difference to the lives of the children that go to this school and let them know that we are thinking about them and want to help.

I am very proud of what they achieved!'