Educate Together Welcomes Appointment of Ruairi Quinn TD as Minister for Education

Paul Rowe, Chief Executive Officer of Educate Together, the multi-denominational school patron, has welcomed the appointment of Ruairi Quinn as Minister for Education and Skills.

‘Ruairi Quinn’s appointment is a very positive development for Irish education. There are many challenges ahead and our education system is in need of significant reform. Having a Minister of Ruairi Quinn’s experience and standing gives us confidence that education reform will be a priority in the 31st Dáil’ he stated.

Paul Rowe continued ‘Ireland has to reform and develop its education system so that it can stand on a par with the best in the world. This is a task that every organization, public or private, in Ireland must share. Educate Together, for its part, will do all it can to work with the Minister and his Department to bring new ideas, efficiency and educational innovation to schools. We also hope to work with the Department and other educational patrons to bring increased choice for parents at both primary and second-level’.

Educate Together has been offering multi-denominational education since 1978 when its first school, the Dalkey School Project opened. It has grown over the following years to a national network of 58 schools with over 13,000 pupils currently enrolled. Its schools are co-educational and teach the national curriculum. A founding principle of its approach to education is that all children regardless of social, cultural or religious backgrounds are treated with equal respect. Further information about Educate Together schools can be found on the website