Disappointment faced by parents in getting appropriate education for their children – 25th July 2003

After long discussion, debate and great disappointment the Ballina Educate Together Association have decided to delay the opening of their proposed school until 2004.

The group were delighted to be granted recognition by the New Schools Advisory Committee in May 2003. This result was granted after public consultation with other schools in the area, an assessment of the viability and the presentation of a viable Pre-enrolment list. Alongside this, details of a premises suitable for school use on a temporary basis also has to be submitted and accepted by the Department of Education & Science. Unfortunately it was impossible for the volunteers to secure a premises within the time scales thus the search continues for a suitable premises for September 2004.

The Educate Together Association would like to thank everyone who continues to supported them,

It is an exciting experience for all involved, and we would ask that anyone who is interested in getting involved and getting more information on the new school, to get in touch with us as per details below. Richard Forde

Currently in Ireland thousands of parents are choosing to send their children to schools that respect the rights of all social and cultural backgrounds. The Educate Together model is a distinct response to this growing demand. Educate Together aims to meet a growing need in Irish society for schools that recognise the developing diversity of Irish life and the modern need for democratic management structures. In particular, Educate Together guarantees children and parents of all faiths and none equal respect in the operation and governing of education.

The schools operated under the member associations of Educate Together are fully recognized by the Department of Education and Science. Educate Together has a growing influence on education policy in Ireland. It is recognized as a partner in education by the government and is represented on all State committees concerned with primary education.

Ballina Educate Together will continue its work in September, and will continue to work towards the provision of choice for parents in the area. All are welcome to participate in this exciting development, so if you have some time to spare and are interested in the project, please contact; Liz Hawkins 096 45525.