Continuous Development for Multi-denominational Education

The National office for Educate Together are delighted to announce the official opening of two Educate Together schools, Galway Educate Together National School and Ardee Educate Together National School and would like to congratulate all those who worked so hard to secure their new buildings.

Galway ETNS first opened its doors to students in September 1994 in the Corrib Village and moved into its present spectacular new building in May 2002. The building is particularly noteworthy as the parents of Galway Educate Together worked closely with the architects to make sure all their requirements were met. The cooperation between the school community, the local authority, the creative design of the architect, and the Department of Education has created a school building that has pushed out the standards for child-centred school design and is regularly visited by others for inspiration and ideas. In 2003 the school was exhibited in an RIAI Exhibition and was highly commended by the RIAI. Galway ETNS is also a recognised Green school.

Children learn most of all from what we do, rather than what we say we do. Educate Together are determined that the option of a genuinely inclusive, rights-based school will become available to all families in Ireland in the future and that no child should be an outsider in our education system. Paul Rowe, CEO, Educate Together.

On the 2nd April 2004 Michael D Higgins will officially open the school. This takes place between 11am and 1pm, Thomas Hynes Rd., Newcastle, Galway.

The impressive school building in Galway is one a of a growing number of purpose-built, state-owned, multi-denominational national schools in Ireland. It occupies a special place in the history of Irish education. The quality of its design and the vibrancy of its atmosphere stems from the ethos of cooperation and partnership that is defined in Educate Together legal structures.