A severe lack of funds is putting Educate Together’s vital work at risk

Educate Together is now entering a period of real financial crisis. Unless resolved, this may force us to significantly reduce services to schools – and it may dramatically reduce our ability to transform the Irish education system

Will you consider supporting Educate Together with a monthly direct debit gift today?

More parents than ever want to send their children to an Educate Together school. But with reduced resources (the government provides just 15% of funding for new primary schools), we’re struggling to keep up with that growing demand. 

Educate Together made history this year with the opening of our first second-level schools. But we receive no state funding for the opening, establishment and support of these ground-breaking second-level schools.

This severe lack of funds is putting Educate Together's vital work at risk, and may impact on our ability to open new schools in the future.

Your monthly gift today will give us the funding we need to expand our schools so that more children can benefit.

Thanks to our supporters all over the country, Educate Together has made enormous progress over the past years. We've created a network of 77 Educate Together schools in Ireland, serving over 19,000 pupils. 

These huge achievements have only been possible with the support of passionate and dedicated supporters like you! But we urgently need your help so that we can continue our work.

Your monthly direct debit will give us the funding we need to expand our schools so that more children can benefit from an Educate Together education. Any contribution you can make will be greatly appreciated.

We now have the opportunity to create a national network of Educate Together schools. This truly is a once-in-a lifetime opportunity. It will – for the first time – help us to provide all families in Ireland with the choice of an Educate Together school. This will mean that no family will be compelled to send their children to a denominational school against their conscience. 

We urgently need your help so that we can continue this vital work.

If you can contribute €10 per month, it will make a real  difference. If you can afford more than €21 per month, we can claim tax back from the Revenue Commissioners if you pay PAYE. As an example, we will be able to open and support a new primary school over four years, if 300 people contribute €25 per month. 

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