New Educate Together & CDETB Schools – July 2020 Update

Educate Together and City of Dublin Education & Training Board (CDETB) are working together in partnership on the transition of two existing Dublin City schools – Saint Kevin’s College, Crumlin and Cabra Community College to become CDETB/Educate Together second-level schools from September 2020. 

Boards of Management

Three Educate Together representatives are being nominated to the Boards of Management of each school. The term of office for each member is three years.

Whole School Ethos Audit

Dr. Shivaun O’Brien from the Centre for Evaluations, Quality and Inspections, DCU facilitated a Whole School Ethos Audit with both schools. The aim of the  ethos audit was to explore the Educate Together ethos and assess if current practices in both schools reflect this ethos. Students and staff completed comprehensive surveys to identify the many strengths of the schools and identified areas which will be the focus of each school’s Ethos Action Plan for next two years.

Cabra Community College

The following work has been completed in the last few months:

  • The use of first names by teachers was trialed in January and was then rolled out for all teachers after Midterm in February. All teachers will be referred to by their first name in September 2020.
  • There will be no compulsory uniform in Cabra Community College from September 2020. A new dress code policy was developed in May 2020 after consultation with teachers, students and parents.
  • Ethical Education will be introduced as a subject in First Year and Transition Year in September 2020. All staff members have completed an online Ethical Education workshop with Dr. Laura Dooley from Educate Together in May 2020. Further whole staff CPD is planned for early September.
  • As required by the Admissions to Schools Act 2018, a new Admissions Policy has been formulated and adopted by the Cabra CC Board of Management for September 2021 enrollment. All local Educate Together primary schools have been included in the Cabra CC primary school feeder list.
  • The Cabra CC Open Evening for September 2021 enrollment will take place on Thursday 10th September from 6.00 – 8.00 pm.
  • There are a limited number of places still available for September 2020 enrollment.

Clogher Road Community College

Saint Kevin’s College will reopen in September as Clogher Road Community College.

Ethos Action Plan to focus on the following areas:

  • Transition to no compulsory uniform
  • Use of first names
  • The Ethical Education Curriculum
  • Student voice
  • Digital technologies
  • Sustainability

Engagement with the Educate Together network

Management and staff attended several Educate Together events, workshops and training days:

  • Educate Together Integrated Learning Symposium
  • Educate Together TY Coordinators Network
  • Educate Together Principals Network
  • Shared learning event with teachers from Clonturk Community College.

In the coming months, Clogher Road Community College teachers and students will be engaging in a variety of professional development courses and also visiting several Educate Together schools.