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The patron of a primary school owns or leases the school building, and is responsible for the characteristic ethos of the school. Individual schools are managed by boards of management on behalf of the patron.

Educate Together Ltd, a private charitable company, is patron of 64 of the 77 Educate Together National Schools; other schools within the Educate Together network have their own patron. This contrasts with denominational national schools, where the patron will be the local bishop (and his successors).

The ethos of schools which have Educate Together as their patron is defined by the Educate Together Charter; such schools are obliged to provide the ethical curriculum, Learn Together, which is typically taught for a half hour in every school day, although this may not always be discrete time.

The second section sets out the policies and procedures that Educate Together implements in discharging its duty as a Patron of national schools.

The third section lists the documents, reports and archives that are maintained by Educate Together in relation to this part of its operations.

This document is a living document. It will be updated as our policies and procedures develop. In this regard Educate Together welcomes comments and suggestions from our members, friends and colleagues.