Election 2016: Educate Together’s Four Essentials for Equality in Education

On the day the 31st Dáil is dissolved, Educate Together asserts that it has a plan to embed equality in Ireland’s education system within the lifetime of the next Government.

This week, 35,000 canvas cards were distributed to Educate Together supporters as part of a campaign to ask candidates to commit to making equality in education an election issue.

There is now a groundswell of public opinion demanding reform in education. What sets Educate Together apart is that right now, our organisation offers a practical, achievable plan to embed equality in the education system: the establishment of a network of Educate Together primary and secondary schools around Ireland. Schools that don’t demand proof of religion at the school gate; schools that don’t segregate children along religious lines during the school day; schools that cherish all children equally.

At the heart of Educate Together’s campaign is the necessity for Ireland’s political class to accept the reality of providing for a school system fit for the twenty-first century. We are asking candidates to commit to providing necessary funding for the establishment of all new schools. Current funding doesn’t come close to covering the real financial costs incurred by voluntary school patrons.

Educate Together receives zero Government funding for the opening, establishment and support of our second-level schools. If political candidates are serious about providing real equality in the education system, then proper funding streams for new schools must be put in place as soon as the next Dáil convenes.

Commenting on the campaign, Educate Together CEO Paul Rowe: “This election offers the people the opportunity of electing a Government that is genuinely committed to reform and improvement in our education system. Progress on the provision of equal access to and equal respect in Irish schools has been too slow. Families deserve real choice in education.”


Educate Together’s Four Essentials for Equality in Education

Commitment 1: Provide 300 Equality-based Primary Schools

Commit to establishing a national network of 300 Educate Together primary schools. 

Commitment 2: Provide 30 Equality-based Second-level Schools

Commit to developing a network of 30 Educate Together second-level schools.

Commitment 3: Provide Realistic Funding For All New Schools

Commit to provide the necessary grants for the establishment of all new schools in Ireland. 

Commitment 4: Provide For All Children Equally

Commit to radically increasing investment in our education system, to increase funding for schools and to provide proper supports for children with additional needs. 


These commitments are detailed in full on Educate Together’s brand new website: www.educatetogetherGE16.com and on the attached canvas card.