Cherrywood / Dublin 18 Educate Together second-level school campaign


Educate Together intends to apply for patronage of a brand second-level school to serve Cherrywood / Dublin 18 to open in the coming years.

The Department of Education will open its Online Patronage Preference Survey and parents and carers in the designated catchment area will be invited to vote for the patron of their choice. Further information on the Online Patronage Preference Survey for secondary schools can be found here.

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Why do parents choose Educate Together?

There are a lot of reasons to choose Educate Together as a second-level school patron: at primary level Educate Together has forty years experience of providing an education based on human rights and that welcomes all children regardless of religious, social or cultural background. Educate Together has established a tradition of democracy, inclusion and equality that benefits pupils, parents and teachers alike.

Educate Together second-level schools continue in this vein, with innovative teaching methods, an inclusive, student-centred ethos and a move away from ‘teaching to the test’ so that all aspects of student well-being is considered.