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Colleges of Education

In the Irish system, student teachers complete their initial teacher education in state-funded, religiously-run Colleges of Education, where a substantial amount of time is set aside for Religious Education and the study of either the Catholic or Church of Ireland religious instruction programmes. In the vast majority of cases, graduates of these colleges leave with little or no knowledge of either Educate Together or the Learn Together curriculum

As a result, principals and staff in Educate Together schools are placed under pressure to mentor newly-recruited teachers, setting time aside for discussion, analysis, exploration of resources, observation, planning, evaluation, etc. Educate Together is currently lobbying for sustained access to full-year groupings at least twice in the undergraduate and post-graduate cycle. At present Educate Together is working in four of the five state-funded Colleges of Education.

At Educate Together's 2012 AGM, the following motion was passed: "That this AGM directs all Educate Together schools, when assessing applicants for teaching positions, to take into account whether applicants have completed one or more of the following: Educate Together courses and specific courses provided by the Educate Together national office in the Colleges of Education."  

St. Patrick's College of Education

The BEd programme is now 4 years in duration; the post-graduate diploma is 2 years. 250 – 300 students in each BEd year grouping; approximately 60 students in each post-grad cohort

We are responsible for 14 teaching hours ( the most substantial part) on a third year elective course entitled Teaching and Thinking in Different Contexts (approximately 15 students).

We are also responsible for a 10-hour post-graduate elective on Educate Together and the Learn Together curriculum (approximately 10 students).

We continue to work with St Patrick’s College on their Ethics and Education course, which is offered in place of the Religious Education certificate.

Certificate in Ethical and Multi-denominational Education 

We are delighted to be offering a postgraduate Certificate in Ethical and Multi-denominational Education in partnership with St Patrick’s College of Education. This is the first course of its kind in the state and commences from October 2012. In working towards this Certificate, participants will critically reflect on important ethical issues and on the philosophies and values underlying their educational work. 

Mary Immaculate College of Education

Approximately 300 students in each year.

We are responsible for a 44-hour third year elective course on Educate Together and the Learn Together curriculum (approximately 10 students).

Froebel College of Education

Approximately 60 students in each year.

We are responsible for a 21-hour second year elective course on Educate Together and the Learn Together curriculum (approximately 15 students).

Church of Ireland College of Education

Approximately 30 students in each year.

We are responsible for 30 hours on a third year elective entitled Recognition and Inclusion of Belief Diversity in Educate Together schools (approximately 10 students).

Marino Institute of Education

We have no direct input or involvement in courses being run in Marino Institute of Education.

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