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Second-level Campaign


Campaign History

Educate Together has been campaigning for ten years for sanction from the Department of Education and Skills to open a second level-school:

In 2002 initial discussions started about the possibility of an Educate Together second-level school. Over the next few years a campaign grew. Parents in Lucan gathered a petition of over 6,000 names of parents who wanted an Educate Together second-level school in their area. In 2007 Educate Together made its first formal applications to the Department of Education to open second-level schools and sought recognition as a second-level patron.

A Trinity College Feasibility study published in 2007 showed that over 90% of parents who sent their child to an Educate Together primary school would choose the same option at second-level if it was available to them. In 2009 Educate Together launched its Taking the Next Step: A Blueprint for an Educate Together Second-level School. This document defined the innovations in educational approaches Educate Together planned to take in operating a second-level school. It was widely acclaimed by educationalists, parents and industry as a model for second-level education.

By 2011, the obstacles to Educate Together's ambitions at second-level had been overcome and the new Minister of Education and Skills, Ruairi Quinn, announced the formal recognition of Educate Together as a second-level patron at that year's AGM in Gorey. Early in 2012 Educate Together made formal applications for patronage of five second-level schools in Blanchardstown, Drogheda, Greystones, Lusk and Tyrrelstown. 

In 2012, parents in Drogheda and Blanchardstown West welcomed the announcement that Educate Together second-level schools are to open in 2014 in their areas. More schools are to open in 2015. 


Schools Opening 2014


Schools Opening 2015 - details here


Schools Opening 2016 - details here


Our Second-level Schools

Ours is a new model of second-level school, one that places the student - your child – at its centre. Our schools are vibrant, welcoming school communities, in which every student feels a real sense of belonging. To find out more, visit the second-level web page

Blueprint for Educate Together Second-level Schools

The details of how our second-level schools will run are outlined in the Blueprint for Educate Together Second-level Schools. This documents in detail how the Educate Together model delivers key life skills as well as academic performance. 

Second-level Brochure for Parents

People now see that our second-level schools need new, innovative approaches for the 21st century. Our Brochure for Parents provides information about what our schools will be like.

Feasibility Study on Educate Together Second-level Schools

In September 2006 Trinity College Dublin delivered to Educate Together an Initial Feasibility Study concerned with exploring the possibility that Educate Together might develop a novel type of second-level school, a type of school better suited to the needs and circumstances of twenty-first century Ireland than its current secondaries, which largely evolved in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. 

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