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This section of the website carries information and application details for roles that become available in the national office and leadership roles (principalships and Headteachers) in our network.

For teacher and ancillary staff vacancies in Educate Together schools, please refer to the school concerned to to Education Posts, TES or eTeach websites.

Teachers in Educate Together schools often get asked what it's like to work there. The question generally comes from other teachers, unfamiliar with the ethical education sector. In an effort to inform and reassure, we asked a bunch of Educate Together teachers why they liked working in Educate Together schools. Have a look at their answers:  

Title School School Level Location Last Updated Closing Date
Second-level Principal - Stepaside ETSS Stepaside ETSS Secondary Stepaside, Co. Dublin 18/09/2015 05/10/2015
Second-level Principal - North Wicklow ETSS North Wicklow ETSS Secondary Wicklow 18/09/2015 18/09/2015
Second-level Principal - Cork ETSS Cork ETSS Secondary Cork 18/09/2015 05/10/2015
Second-level Principal - Bremore ETSS Bremore ETSS Secondary Balbriggan 18/09/2015 05/10/2015
Second-level Education Officer (Fixed Term) Educate Together National Office n/a 02/09/2015 25/09/2015
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