Educate Together Alumni

Educate Together Alumni

Thousands of students have had their primary school education in Educate Together schools since the Dalkey School Project opened in 1978. As the school network expands and our first second-level schools open, many more children will count themselves as Educate Together alumni.                                                                                                                

Educate Together is hopeful that its school alumni community will carry the values learned in its schools throughout their lives. Such a group could become a catlyst for wider social inclusion and understanding in an Ireland that is changing rapidly. Educate Together is working on a long term project to help establish and nurture this group using social media platforms.

 Social Media

 Educate Together is an active user of FacebookTwitter and Linkedin and has substantial followings on each platform. If you  maintain an interest in Educate Together and its future development, why not find us on social media to keep in touch.

Share your story

In the summer of 2013, Educate Together began interviewing and taking down stories from our Alumni. Educate Together is really on a tipping point from being a small movement of like minded people to a real choice for all families in Ireland. As decisions are made about what kinds of primary & secondary schools will open in Ireland in the future it will be the stories from alumni like you that will really take Educate Together from successful to significant.

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